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In the Shadow of Death

“Hey ghost girl, ghost girl…” Not again, I pleaded, keeping my eyes shut as tight as I could, trying to pretend to be asleep.

“I know you’re awake; your breathing changed, come on, I need your help, the others said you’d help me.” The shaking hand continued, this time pulling on the edge of my bonnet.

“If I help you, it’s at the expense of my sanity,” I answered slowly, turning over in bed, keeping my eyes closed to the specter that I knew stood at my bedside.

I heard a chuckle and slowly sat up, turning on the light near my bed. As I opened my eyes, a relatively handsome young man knelt on the floor near my bed. “There is no genius without a touch of madness right? Will you help?”

Did I have a choice? “I’ll help you, but just give me the rundown for tonight, I’m drained, I have work in the morning.”

He shrugged, coming to a stand. “No problem, I’ve been waiting years for someone to help me. Time is nothing to me. I am outside of it now.”

Raising an eyebrow, I blinked and looked at him as he stared out my window. “Is that sarcasm?”

“Not at all.” Turning back to me, he smiled. “Ok, so listen…”

With a Bite and a Howl

The virus has 24 hours before a human succumbs.

60 hours before it overtakes the body of a Lycan.

Fathers, Cecil and Eric Atkins must get to their daughter Basil in the city and then make it to a national park where they will be safe.

What happens along the way is anyone’s guess.